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Item Watch
Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch.
Can you help me get my money back if I am not satisfied with my purchase or I did not receive my item?
Please note that all items or services bought or sold on this website are done so "at your own risk". We are not responsible for any monetary loss due to broken contract, item/service misrepresentation, or any other damages that may result from using this website. If you encounter a loss, please notify your credit card company or PayPal to file a dispute. Also, be sure to report the transaction to the admin and leave feedback for other customers.
The item I received was not safe, what do I do?
We do not have a resolution center if you encounter a problem. However, we are committed to ensure items sold here are done so by responsible vendors that are selling safe products. If you receive an item that is not safe, first contact the seller to find a resolution. Then, send pictures and description to the site administrator.