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How much does does it cost to sell an item?
Basic listings on SuggieBay are free. There are small fees for listing upgrades as follows:
How do I get approved to sell on Suggiebay?
You will need to request a seller account by logging into your control panel and selecting "sell". There will be a link to request a seller account. If you are looking to sell sugar glider items, you will need to be a member of an approved vendor list. Contact an admin for information on how to complete this process.
How to I become an "approved sugar glider vendor"?
You will need to join one or more of the following groups (look in the files section for information on becoming an approved vendor):

Vendor List for Sugar Gliders
Sugar Glider Fanatics
Sugar Gliders, Learning Together
TGI Glider Mart

If you have any questions, please contact us.